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Experts in a Talent Recruitment and Keeping

We are recruiting talent experts. We have been selecting the best profiles for our team over a decade, training them and enhancing their value to keep up with our quality standards and excellence in service.

We join your project when and for the time you need or help you with the selection processes.

WE ARE AN ENGINEERING COMPANY with a technical office working on real projects like yours, we know how to help you. We are not a work agency with an automatic demand and offer crossing system.


We are an engineering company; we manage our projects for important National and International clients from our technical office. By being technicians, we have a deep knowledge of the sector, its processes and technologies, so we have become experts in talent recruitment.


Our team works daily on projects like yours and we know what kind of talent brings the right value. We have the knowledge and experience to be operational from day one.



We have been in the sector over 13 years and we have a team full of professionals who are specialists in the different areas of engineering, and we are in constant contact with a large amount of highly qualified specialists within different technologies.


Allowing you to absorb production peaks and complex orders. We are confident with our work, so if it is necessary to replace any of the resources that you hired us for, we will take care of filling the vacant.



Leaning on ADYD Group allows you to absorb production peaks and complex orders obtaining the required resources at the best price, without hidden costs, aiming to help you maximize the profitability of your project.

How Do We Do It?

  1. Explain us what you need. We are in your shoes every day and knowing your needs and obstacles to the core. We perfectly understand your needs.
  2. Candidates preselection. We will analyse the resources of the team within the team, do the resumé screening and send you the two or three candidates who fit your needs best.
  3. You decide. Get to know them and make your choice. As soon as you have selected the right profile, it can join your team the day after for the time you need.


Our HR department is specialized in recruiting talent and complex negotiations. We offer you our selection and recruitment service with the same commitment and dedication as if it were for our own team with over 10 years of experience recruiting professionals from all sectors and fields of engineering.

  • Telephone, telematic and face-to-face interviews.
  • Individual and group interviews.
  • Assessment of personal and professional skills and competences.
  • Technical evaluations and software according to specialty.
  • Language Assessment.

These are our areas of specialization