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Civil Engineering

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Infrastructures at the service of the population

Our multidisciplinary technical CADBIM specialists team, who thanks to their extensive know-how in the sector, are able to tackle projects by themselves or teaming up with our Architecture, Industrial and Mechanical departments, making possble to handle projects in their whole.

Specialized in BIM technology, we guarantee our clients the best service with greater efficiency, profitability and productivity. Training our quarry with the same principle and counting with the best professionals in this field to work on our projects or offering assistance in a customer office.



Specialists in modeling structures with CADBIM programs with extensive experience in calculation and design of METALLIC, CONCRETE AND COMBINED structures.

3D models of the final product, checking collisions to avoid extra costs on site, creating general, exploded views and manufacturing drawings and lists of materials and elements.

Metal, concrete and combined structure

From the structural calculation we create precise 3D models which contain all necessary structural data for the construction and later maintenance.

Metal platforms.

Pedestrian walkways.

Industrial buildings and warehouses.

Singular buildings.

Reinforced concrete.

Residential and industrial building, single-family.

Viaducts, walls, road structures.


CAD specialists and BIM experts design alignments, profiles, surfaces assemblies and subassemblies from existing objects. All of these objects include the geometry of the linear work, embedded surfaces and characteristic lines, supporting rendering and shading of slopes.

BIM programs allow us to extract data from it once the model is ready, including data on surfaces, characteristic lines (such as polylines, alignments, profiles and grading characteristic lines) and volume (cubing). Also generate all the drawings, exploded views and documentation for the execution. Specialists in 2D programs and planimetry.

Roads and rail

We work on National and International projects, being specialists in structures, layout and roads, ensuring that access and circulation compatible with transport requirements.

Layout design.

Type sections.

Long and cross profiles.

Drainage, structures and walls.

Track functional diagrams.

Ballast collection areas.

Detour and expansion devices.

Complete construction project.

Railway facilities.

Soluciones al tráfico.


Additional works.

Replacement of services.

Detail drawings.


Highly committed to a cleaner and more sustainable planet, we cover renewable energy projects in WIND AND PHOTOVOLTAIC PARKS by performing drainage and earthworks calculations, defining routes, roads and facilities.


Access roads design.

Platforms design.

Earthmoving calculation.

Civil works drawings.


General park design.

Electric drawings.

Communications drawings.

Civil works drawings.


Specialist in designing but counting with a wide Construction Assistance experience behind us, having specialized profiles in construction in all areas of engineering and offering you a complete service from design to execution. Furthermore, carrying field work, As Built or digitizing drawings from any format to CAD.


Field data collection.

Adaptation of construction drawings to reality.

Adaptation of the 3D model to reality.

Photo report.


Field data collection.

Creation of drawings.

3D modeling.

Photo report.


Drawing digitalization from any format to CAD programs.


We are experts in talent acquisition. We have been selecting the best profiles for our team over a decade, training them and enhancing their value to maintain our quality standards and service excellence.

Outsourcing. We join your team for as long as you need.
Selection. We offer you our selection and recruitment service with the same commitment and dedication as if we did it for our team.