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ADYD Group was founded on 22nd July 2008, the project aim was to be different and offer a market alternative with professionals from diverse Engineering fields (Industrial, Civil and Construction, Architecture and Mechanic).

With the acquired experience through the years from the founders, the professional teams have been consolidated with very competitive people who have developed a path based on their experience in order to reach the ability to manage all types of projects, attracting talent and specializing themselves within the same philosophy; focusing on problem solving, analysing the existing solutions, facing all challenges with creativity, innovation, talent and team work.

Nowadays, we keep the same NDA and determination than when all started, facing new challenges and learning from our own experience to offer commitment and quality in each project we work on.

We strongly believe on training our team and quarry, we design custom career plans depending on the profile, listening to new ideas, helping with the development and training of each member of the team.

Our biggest commitments are quality and professionality adapting ourselves, offering our best on every single project.


Our mission is to help and offer efficient and high-quality solutions in all the engineering scopes form our office or from our clients’. Our tenet is closeness, we put our client first because our success comes from our clients’ success.

We count with highly qualified professionals who are always improving themselves to fit the market needs. Our activity is divided on three business lines:


ADYD believes in sustainable growth, continuous improvement and teamwork. Always reinventing ourselves in innovation, training and new technologies. Experts in BIM and motivated by quality and excellent services.



We are experts on talent hunting. We have been over a decade selecting the best profiles for our team offering outsourcing, selection and recruitment services for our clients as if it were joining ours.



The same dedication and effort that we put on our teams is put on the ADYD training program for companies and individuals, applying the same basis as for us.



Our vision is to grow and get better keeping our principle values of closeness to our client and workers, maintaining the service quality and rooting for the human factor and talent which is our strength to carry all the projects.
Our aim is to follow these principles:

  • Innovation and cutting-edge software and work efficient methodologies.
  • Improve within BIM, cost saving and productivity.
  • Train depending on the market fluctuations.
  • Create stable and quality jobs.
  • Sustainability and optimization analysing the process from the origin to make the right decisions and reach our goals.


Closeness to our client and employees.

Our success is reaching our client success. Our motto is closeness, based on getting to know our client and needs, and communication in between out team to reach the best possible solutions and service.

Differential quality

Our adaptability and self-demand motivate us to give our best in every project. We outstand with our unconventional mindset, questioning all the possible solutions, adapting ourselves and learning on every step to achieve an excellent service.


Our strength resides on our team. The respect, communication, confidence and proximity are transmitted to new incorporations. We see diversity as an opportunity to learn from each other, complement each other and making us stronger while working towards the same direction.

Innovation and daily improvement

Our determination and competitiveness on reaching our goals goes hand to hand with being updated on market, innovation, technology, training and work methods which helps us optimizing the process to get a more sustainable and efficient business model.

Talent and quarry

We root for attracting and keeping talent creating quarry through training and team spirit, focusing on the young and reinventing people with career plans for self-improvement meaning growth within the team and the company.

Opportunities and job

We work to get farther, move forward to new business opportunities and self-growth. Motivated to create quality and stable jobs strongly believing in diversity and equality, putting interest on people’s values and attitude above aptitudes and education.


Engineering Services applied to Civil, Mechanical and Industrial Works.

Technical Services applied to Civil, Mechanical and Industrial Works.


At ADYD we believe that quality is doing the right thing even if nobody watches, from the origin, in all the processes of our day to day.

These are our areas of specialization